Joy in Mothering (a review)

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If I have a pen in my hand, or a marker, or a pencil – I’m usually happy!  I love lettering.  Lettering has been such a tool for me to meditate on Scripture and pray for others and bless others with affordable gifts and stationery.  Definitely love using this gift!

Motherhood has its moments.  And by moments I mean it has its amazing, tear-filled from joy moments.  It has its pull your hair out by the roots moments.  It has its hug your kids real tight and never let go moments.  It has its lock yourself in the closet and eat a pint of ice cream moments.  So many moments.

So why not take 10 minutes out of your day to doodle and think about the joy that God created motherhood for?  Sarah Humphrey has created a doodling book and devotional perfect for that creative mother that might need a short devotional (about her and how God has designed her) to start her day – or might need a good reminder of God’s grace at the end of the day.  The good thing about this book is you can doodle and be creative and learn about the grace of God and the work of the mother and the heart of the mother – all at the same time.

Thanks to Litfuse for sending me this book and all opinions are my own.


Life Creative (a review)

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One of my favorite questions to ask moms is : what do you like to do, you know, besides being a mom?

That question can be controversial, but I really don’t mean for it to be.  What I want to know is what is inside this woman, other than being a mom.

We all know that with being a mom comes a ton of love, responsibility, and fun…but not lots of time for ourselves, or our former selves.  Motherhood has to be selfless – which is really hard, I’m learning.  And I’m not great at that – but God is teaching me in his generosity that that is what I need.

One of the ways God wired me is in creativity.  Actually, that is one of the reasons my husband said he married me – is because I’m fun – I love to be creative and think outside the box.  I also love to do that in my motherhood journey.  I love to try new recipes – all the time.  I go all the time, taking my littles with me to new parks, or library story times, or just to a new aisle in Target.  I love reading books with them and letting my boys be in the kitchen with me – or in the yard with me learning about new bugs (oooh, gross), or new flowers that seemed to have popped up over night.  It is never ending.  I don’t like boredom, whether in life or in motherhood.

And I love to be creative in my personal life too.  I have loved photography since high school.  Loved to cook since college.  Loved to letter and write for what seems like forever.  These are things that still excite me.  So, they are also things that fuel me.  How do these things help or help me engage in motherhood?  Well, I love to take photographs of our every day – or of our special days.  I love to cook for my family and for other families.  I love to letter to help me meditate on the Word (to help my heart) or to give to others, or to help with our family finances.

Life Creative is a book written by two women who seek to encourage moms to not only be creative, engaging with their creative side (and we all have one because we are made in the image of a creative God) but to also encourage moms to encourage their kids to be creative.  We may not be talking about painting and cooking.  Creativity can take on many different forms and be used in many outlets.

Whether you are struggling to find your creative outlet, think your kids are getting bored, or are maybe struggling to decide how to use your creative gifts right now (especially in the throws of motherhood), this is a great book to encourage thinking and discussion.  I would read it, discuss some of it over coffee or tea or wine with a fellow mom, and also, discuss some of your thoughts with your husband – who I hope will encourage you to use your creative gifts.

Litfuse, the group that gave me this book to review, is also hosting a giveaway for you and a Facebook party!

Unnatural Mom (a review)

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Motherhood is such a journey – and a different journey for everyone.

Writing about the ups and downs of motherhood is quite difficult too.

I got married late and therefore had kids late (mid-to-late 30s).  I didn’t have many people in my life who truly told me how hard raising kids was going to be.  Even if I hung out with families, I only saw glimpses (and most of the kids knew to obey in front of guests).

So, I had different expectations for parenting.  And Hettie Brittz writes about parenting, motherhood, and all that goes with it in her new book (un)Natural Mom.  She tells about real life, and all the what ifs and all the doubts that we are mothers face.  I like that she is real.  I like that she tells it like it is and points us to SCripture (and not the world’s ideals).  I don’t like some of the daily specific things she talks about – because everyone is so different and may not find herself in the same story.

I do think that every woman (because she is a woman) is life-giving.  That may not mean being a natural mom, or even an adoptive mom – that may mean discipling others or bringing life to an art area that sparks her interest.  Affirming and maturing and building life is something we do because God created us as women.

Let us hold firm to what the Word says about women – not what the world says we have to be in order to be a good mom.

Thanks to Litfuse for this book.  All opinions are my own.

kcreatives newborn: baby zachary

I’ve recently been seeing a lot and hearing a lot through conversations about how hard it is for women to make friends once they reach the mommy years.  I totally hear that.

Baby Z

If you look at friendships, they take time to develop, and meaning conversation.  Meaningful conversation with other adults is hard when you are caring for littles.  Every mom will agree with me.

Baby Z

But, friendships that last a while are hard to come by too.  This little boy – his mommy – we’ve been friends for over 15 years.  We’ve shared graduate degree lodging, we’ve shared our lives, and we’ve been next-door neighbors.  And now, I had the privilege of capturing this little boys’ first few days.  He was super sweet and cooperative and even let his mommy and I have a milkshake to celebrate!

Daddy and Z

And let me talk about these outfits this little one is wearing – his daddy did such a great job picking them out.  Cute clothes for the win!

Baby Z







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Hope Unfolding : a review

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A new book for mommas is coming out. So funny that there is never a shortage for new books for tired mom’s who never find the time to read all the books.

I had high hopes for this one, Hope Unfolding, by Becky Thompson, and I love the cover and get real talk.

But, I want a book more centered on the gospel, less centered on story and example. When I listen to a sermon I want gospel truth mixed w a little personal story or joke. In this book, while saying good stuff and offering tired mommas hope only found in Jesus, it is more personal story mixed with a little gospel.

Just out of properbalance,in my opinion, and that’s what Blogging for Books gave me the book to do…write an honest review.

How the Word Breathes Life into My Mothering

God Breathes into our Mothering

Oh, sweet mommas – this post is especially for the mommas out there – and you don’t have to have toddlers to understand this post.  Maybe all of your kids are teenagers, or are married and raising babies of their own – or maybe you have a few younger than mine and are still living in sleepless nights because of newborns or sleep regression.

Just as the very word of God spoke all of creation into being, and the word of God is written down for us so we may be changed into His image, the word of God also breathes life into the every day of my mothering – right now which is a highly emotional 3 year old we are seeking to potty train and a speedy 2 year old who loves to jump off everything he can climb.

Two examples for you from the last 24 hours.  It was a long afternoon as I fought for my 2 year old to take a nap. I knew he was tired and just didn’t want to miss out on anything.  Finally 90 minutes after scheduled nap time, he finally went down for 90 minutes.  Then, by the time my husband walked in the door at 635 from his job, I was so done.  He immediately took over, gave them a bath, put them to bed (which was a 2.5 hour struggle with one of them), and told me to go do something, anything, other than being with the kids.  I went in and took a long hot shower which is one of my favorite things to do in the winter (I know I’m not helping the water conservation society).  As I was standing there praying, confessing my anger and entitlement, I was reminded of a verse in James that my husband spent a whole year on our first year of marriage: James 4:1-4 which basically says the reason you are arguing and upset is because you are fighting to get what you want because you are idolizing something and not keeping God God in your life and heart.  Yup.  I was struggling all day because I didn’t get what I wanted from my sons.  I wanted quiet – I didn’t get much of that all day. I wanted obedience – but my sons are sinners and not prone to obey so I shouldn’t expect them to do it.  I was crying in the shower, even as the hot water ran down my cheeks and increased my need for an aging-skin moisturizer – God was restoring my soul with the work of the Word.

The second example is from this morning: it was a long morning.  I sat in the sanctuary during the sunday school hour, listening to my husband prep for CEve service, scanning through social media, getting encouraged from friends, and the tears were there all morning.  Before the service, my husband sat down beside me, and just whispered in my ear the gospel: the God has a plan, Jesus is enough even when its hard, that His grace is sufficient.  My tears were dripping on his new gray pants.  I didn’t care.  I hope they didn’t stain.  The gospel is found in the Word.  We must know the Word.  We must have the Word spoken to us – to our souls – to our hurt and weary souls.

I got a book set in the mail this week from Tommy Nelson that helps adults and kids know key Scriptures in the Bible.  How to know them, memorize them, live them out – so that the Word may be life-changing in whatever situation we find ourselves in.  The Joshua Code and I Can Learn the Bible would be a great set for you to work through with your children in the new year.  If you would like please just leave a post about anything – anything at all.

Happy Mothering.

A Prayer to Our Son on His Third Birthday

A Momma's Prayer

Our sweet boy turns three today.  There is so much to be said about the joys and challenged of being his momma, a momma to a preschooler, but this post isn’t about that.

This post contains a prayer that I did some #praynames art for last night.  I love doing pray names art for birth gits or wedding gifts – to pray over the person I’m doing it for – and to get Scripture in their homes.  But, I had never done ones for our boys.  So, last night, before the balloons and the wrapping paper, the pancakes, and the cupcakes, I sat down and prayed this for him:

You are a faithful God who delights to give us good gifts.

Elijah is definitely a good gift! 

We thank you for giving him to us for such a short time.

I pray that you would capture his heart and his mind early.

That you would use his creativity and imagination for the glory of your great name.

Take his compassion for others – for the hurting – and use it to bring peace and healing in the world.

Use his words and his sweet touch to be strength and comfort to those in need.

May he grow to be a man of God who is captured by all of your beauty.

May he never lose his desire to dance when no one is looking.

I pray that you would break his little heart for things that cause you to weep.

May he one day be a husband who leads his wife faithfully

and a daddy to littles who will look to him to show them Christ.

Most of all, I pray that he would love you more dearly than anything else in the world.

You are good.


Praying for our children

When Mommies Have Hard Days

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There are days that I absolutely love being a mom.  There are other days that it is so stinking hard for me.  Honestly, those moments I don’t love it.  Of course I love my boys, I love the treasure of being their mom, but during those moments of throwing food, throwing toys, biting, hitting, slamming legos into the crib, disobeying for the millionth time that day and its not even 10:00 am – yeah, those days are really hard.

So, what are you to do in those moments?  Today was one of those days for me.  So, what happened today is something that I think can apply to every mom when she needs encouraging.  Just make it tailored to your need.

1.  Be encouraged in the Word – the Gospel.  As my husband was leaving this morning – even before he arrived at work – he was encouraging me with Scripture.  Not scolding me telling me of all the many ways I had already failed this morning.  Not telling me I’m a horrible mother and need to practice all the things I know.  No.  He knows how to affectively encourage me.  This is how he does it.  He tells me “Christ is sufficient for my every need – even in my weakness” and sends me Scriptures that he is praying for me – like Hebrews 13:20-21.  Benedictions like the one in Hebrews is so beneficial to me – knowing that I have been equipped – I have been given everything I need to be a good mom to those boys today – in the teething stage, in the disobedient moments, in the act of wiping up spilled apple juice for the 3rd time.

Maybe you will need someone else to encourage you in the word.  Maybe the encouragement will come through your daily quiet time. Maybe it will come through a song that is playing in the car.  However you get the intake of the Word – start here.

2.  Hang out with friends who encourage you.  I met a new friend at the mall today for play time with our littles and Cow Appreciation Day. Even though we had just met – sharing stories and just seeing interactions and hearing of God’s grace and goodness – that encourages me.  The friend you might need to see may be 2 states away so maybe a phone call or a text is all you need to help you persevere.  Or maybe see if someone can join you for lunch just to be an encouragement to you.  Discouraged moms do not need to be beaten up by legalism. They need to be encouraged by the hope of the Gospel.

3.  Write a note of encouragement to someone else.  There are so many mom friends in my life.  Each time I do a photo shoot I like to include a little note of encouragement.  So, I just got some photos printed and sat down to write a note of encouragement to my sweet young mom friend.  I’ve known her since she was in high school and now she has an infant sweet little girl.  This note didn’t take me long to write it and it wasn’t specific but just written in pink and said I love you. Persevere.  How basic is that?  But, I know that letters of encouragement can be such a God-send on a tiring day.  Do you send snail mail to people?  Do it – you will be surprised at what a great blessing it will be – both to you and to the person you are sending it to.

4.  Do something for yourself.  I think moms are so busy taking care of other people that they seldom do things for themselves.  It is not being selfish – it is helping your sanity!  My husband is super good at that – giving me time each week – doing whatever in his power to make me “happy” – building in times with friends, giving me alone time to study the Word, write and read, helping out with the dishes – I hope you have a mister like that.  Today – I stopped by Mcds and got a $1 Diet Coke and when I got the boys in bed I watched a White Collar episode.  Just little things.  Like cheap pretty flowers at Trader Joes.  Like a Weight Watchers ice cream bar.  Like a shopping trip with a friend.  Whatever will be a pick me up for you – do it.  It may be free like sitting outside on your deck staring up at the sky, or cheap like a coffee or a bouquet of flowers – or if your budget allows it go get a massage, manicure, or new outfit.  Take care of your soul – and yes, I do believe that means more than just sitting in the Word (though you noticed I started with that one as I think it is most important).

What are some ways you encourage yourself when you are having a bad mommy day?

Raising Boys in a Post-Biblical Marriage Culture

Raising Boys in the Post-Biblical Marriage Culture

It is no surprise to most people that the SCOTUS handed down a favorable win for same-sex marriage yesterday.  This doesn’t surprise me at all because we are not a theocracy nor are most of the people in government controlled by the Bible. In a way I don’t find fault with a non-Christian society to assume that all marriage should be allowed.

However, even though my family lives in America, we are more controlled by the God of the Bible and know that He is sovereign over all, Jesus is no longer in the tomb, and God even controls the government and the leaders and the decisions by His sovereign will.

That being said, I, as a parent to two little boys, have a God-given responsibility and grace to teach these little ones in my care (and my husband’s care) about a biblical view of marriage and how to be men of God.  So I’ve thought about it the last couple of days and here are some points that I will be instilling in their little souls and will pray that God captures their hearts at an early age, that they grow up to fight for Truth and freedom, and that they love God with all their hearts.

1.  God’s Word is the Truth.  There is no false teaching in the Bible.  Every word of it is true.  It is the final authority.  In our lives, it is the final authority now.  Unfortunately, those who don’t know Jesus don’t live under this truth.  They choose to disobey a loving God who has a great plan for their lives.  They will one day know that God is the only God and his truth is supreme.  2 Timothy 3.16-17

2.  God has called them to be men.  Men.  Men of truth, valor, and integrity.  Men who love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.  Men who will unite themselves to one woman for the rest of their lives and seek to live out the Gospel in their home.  Men who will lead, provide, and protect their wives and children.  Men who will fight for justice.  Men who will stand for truth. Ephesians 5

3.  God is Ruler over everything.  Many places throughout the Bible we see God the Father orchestrating the hands of government to do his will.  This decision of the SCOTUS does not surprise him one bit.  He is the Ruler and He knows all.  He has a great plan for His great fame in this country and the world. Psalm 97

4.  #lovewins is not about gay marriage.  Love won the day Jesus conquered the grave after he died for our sin. ! Corinthians 15

5.  Gospel applies to all.  When we encounter those who do not believe the truth of the Bible we have one response – to love them as Christ loved them and point them to their need for a Savior.  Romans 3

6.  They are sinners.  My boys need the Gospel. Their mommy and daddy need the gospel.  Just because we will teach them that gay marriage is wrong (against God’s final authority) doesn’t make us better.  We need Jesus. Romans 6-7

7.  Love truth.  I will teach them to love truth in every walk of life.  In playing with their friends, in learning about the Bible, in standing up for justice and truth in their school, in not shrinking back when lies prevail.  Psalm 119.9

It was a sad day.  But, I have a responsibility to my children to train them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord and will pray that they will know the Truth and the Truth will set them free.

Mother’s Day: Past, Present, and Future

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Mothers Day 2015

I remember all those Mother’s Days where I just sat there…in the pews…seeing men pass out roses to their beautiful wives who were the mother of the their children.  Listening to countless sermons telling me that being a mother was the best thing you could do in this life and nothing would ever come close to matching it.  Telling me if I was a woman that I was created to be a mother.  Being a mother is priceless.  And God did create some women the ability to birth babies.

Past:  I didn’t become a wife until I was 34 and was barely pregnant (hince a mother) that same year.  I got to see my baby’s face when I was 35.  That is a good 12 years after I should have been married and started having babies.  That is 12 mother’s days sermons that I had to endure.  Yes, endure.  There were a few that I wouldn’t attend.  I don’t normally like to cry during sermons.  And I wasn’t married, didn’t have a baby, yet I was failing at the one thing that God had created me for.

Mothers Day 2015

Move on to today: Motherhood is a joy with lots of hugs and giggles and storytimes, but it is also hard.  I have two amazing toddlers that I would never wish to have life without.  I don’t want to miss a second of their growing and learning and running and playing.  But, being a mother is a gut-wrenching job.  It is a great task that can only be handled by the grace of God.  And I’ve cried more since being a mom.  I can’t watch shows with the same eyes as I do now that I have two little boys.  I see Scripture and the Gospel in a whole new light – and know I need it now more than ever before.  I cry for friends who have lost children, or who haven’t had the joy of being pregnant, or have had adoptions fail, or have lost foster children they have come to love as their own.  Sin wreaks havoc on this world.  The Gospel is our need.  Every mother needs the Gospel. But every woman needs the gospel too. We are not counted more worthy because we are mothers, the blood of Christ already has made us righteous!

Future: My boys are (Lord willing) going to continue to grow, learn how not to throw food on the floor, learn how to tie their own shoes, take out the trash (my husband will be happy), and hopefully one day trust in Jesus.  And when that day comes (I’m praying it will), I will still need the Gospel.  When I’ve been a mom for two decades and they are both in college or living out another dream they have for their lives…I will need the gospel.  When my littles are joined at the altar by their adoring brides…I will need the gospel.

I need to fill my mind daily and hourly and even minute by minute with the hope that I will never be a perfect mom – but I have a perfect Jesus who helps me in my times of weakness!

So thankful.  And to Elijah and Sebastian – I love you both.  Your eyes and kisses and hugs and vocabulary are a delight to me. Run to Jesus, babies!