The Word and Music (Giveaway)

We have started to see some exciting things in our boys!  They are not only able to learn the Word, but they are eager to do it!

When we moved into our new rental home, we started making a concerted effort to teach our kids the Word.  We knew this would not only help us but also help them.  We started with “When I am afraid I will trust in you.”  Then we have been working on Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my Shepherd, I have everything I need.”  It is so cute to hear them say it, to say it at random times, and to want to say it all by themselves.

Another great way to teach kids Scripture is through music.  And Seeds Worship has some great music that teaches kids the Word of God.  It is a joy to hear them singing in the backseat as we drive to donut day, to church, or to the park.

One of my favorites right now by Seeds is their Praise CD.  Has some great verses on it for kids (and adults) about trusting, our words, and the Word of God.  I love singing along to it – and even getting my littles to “dance” in the car with me – so when others look in from the outside they won’t think I’m the only strange one.  The songs Sing for Joy and Mighty to Save are two of my personal faves that I just SING LOUD on!  I want to teach my children to sing for everything they have – sing with abandon to the God who created them.

If you would like to win the Praise CD from Seeds, just tell me what songs you and your children love to sing.  And I’ll pick a winner soon.

Seeds sent me these CDs to listen to and love, but all opinions are my own!

Teaching Your Kids to Trust God

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One of the most important things in any relationship is trust.  Once that trust is broken, it is hard to get back.  And one of the most important things in training your children to love and know God is to teach them what God says about Himself.

I was so excited to get this new book from Tommy Nelson because I’m going through the Bible this year pulling out what truths God shows me about Himself.  I want to know everything about who God is so I can be like Him (1 Peter tells us that).

I also want my boys to know God as well.  And so, as they get older (this book is perfect for grade school kids), I will get to use this in teaching them during family worship time who God says He is and how they can trust Him.

Diane Stortz goes through 40 reasons why kids can trust God.  Illustrated so kids will be pulled the pages, and written so they might know the Word and the truth that God wants to teach them.

She includes some of the Hebrew names so kids can learn (includes pronunciation), Scripture readings, questions to ask, and application.

I hope you like this little book as much as I do.  You can win one for yourself (your child of course) by answering this question: what is the attribute of God you love the best.  Mine right now: that he welcomes me into his presence through Christ!  He is the ultimate host!

Teaching Kids Theology Through Books (Book Giveaway)

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Win or Lose I Love You

I love reading to my boys.  It is definitely one of the highlights of being a mommy.  I love the fun pictures and the cute rhymes.  I also love it when the books I’m reading with our boys teaches them good theology. It is never too early to start teaching them good theology.

Two things I definitely want to teach the boys early on (we are already doing so) is Jesus is everything and they need him because they are sinners.

I get to review books and usually I love them – but even if I don’t love everything about them – I want to introduce them to you, give you some wisdom hopefully in how you can read the books to your kids (whether you agree wholeheartedly or not), and tell you what I do like about them.  Tommy Nelson is great about sending me books each month in exchange for a review (and all thoughts are my own) and also giving a copy to one reader!

Lysa Terkeust, of Proverbs 31 and the Best Yes fame, put out her children’s book (ideal of young school age) Win or Lose, I love YouIt is a book about woodland farm animals and some best friends.  I love her use of imagination – I definitely want to instill imagination and creativity in my boys.  It teaches some good encouragement to how to deal with competitiveness and greed and self-centeredness among friends – which I see in my boys already. I love the verses that Lysa encourages parents to read over and instill in their kids.

Here is my problem with this book – and there really is only one, but its a big one: Coyote doesn’t get his way and smashes all the pies.  His response to Lulu (one of the main characters) is “I’m the worst animal in the forest.”  Lulu said “Coyote, you behaved badly, but you aren’t bad.”  ALERT!  FALSE THEOLOGY!!  This is when, if you choose to get this book with all its great other qualities, you can teach your children about what the Bible says.

Human beings aren’t born good.

Romans 5:12-14

Romans 5:19

Psalm 51:5

Romans 3:9-23

Here’s the good thing: if we know the problem – and there is an answer – then the Gospel can become clear to our children.  If we always tell our children that they aren’t bad (inherently, they aren’t born good), then why would they ever need a Savior?

Question: how do you teach your kids theology?